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Thibodaux Family Church is not only a church that stays in its four walls of the sanctuary. We live and serve in the city. We believe that it is important that our church members have a heart to serve the church and the city, while also being faithful to the ministry. Whether it’s popping popcorn or changing a dirty diaper, spreading love is a great way to serve God’s people.

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Listed below are the different crews that are available for you to be a part of. In order to qualify to become a crew member, you MUST be a faithful member of TFC. Please take a few minutes to fill out the form in order for us to gather all of your information. These details are and will always be confidential.

After filling out the form, you will be contacted via email or text message with further information.

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TFC Volunteer Crews

Armor Bearers (ushers)

The glue that holds our services together. These volunteers assist in making sure that every detail of church services go smoothly. The Armor Bearers assist in guiding and maintaining order in the church..



The service of this crew extends beyond our Sunday and Wednesday church services to Monday, where the building is brought back to pristine shape from the ministry of the week.



The love of God that is shared between our TFC family and friends is extended to our local community through extending a helping hand to ones in need. Whether it be praying, cooking food, or handing out food baskets during the holidays, our love for our Father is shown and extended to our city neighbors.


Kingdom Kids

Our Kingdom Kids Crew love God’s children and desire to make a difference in the lives of the next generations. We have a passion in presenting the Word of God in an age specific fun and an imaginative way. Our program ranges from newborns to children aged twelve.



The Impression Crew is the first view that visitors have of our church. We are there to extend an open welcome to our church family and to everyone that walks in our doors. If you have a warm personality and a smile to share with everyone, we can use your service.



Generally “make events happen”. The Assemble crew helps put events together on paper as well as physically on site. We strive to make every event successful and meaningful.



Our Tech Crew consists of lights and audio production, recordings, TV cameras, graphics, media, computer logistics, etc. Whatever talent or skill in any form of technology that you may have, we have a spot for you.



Brings in all creative minds into one powerful team. The Expression Crew involves: dance, acting, puppets, writing, and photography.


The Shout

A place where voices and instruments are brought together to bring praise and worship to our God.

Psalm 150 NIV “…Let everything that breathes sing praises to the Lord! Praise the Lord!”


The Build

The Build Crew is a team that has skills in construction and building. Whether it be demolishing and rebuilding, we need people who can handle their tools and create something new.